Hospitality Industry

Careful hiring within the hospitality industry is particularly essential. Interaction between staff and customers is crucial, and service quality depends on this. 

Negative reviews due to a one-off encounter can ruin a business. On top of this, the hiring process can be seasonal, which adds additional pressure to perform and add staff quickly.

Recommended Packages for the Hospitality Industry

We understand the hospitality industry challenges. We check if a candidate has a criminal past and a decent character. You don’t want to select untruthful individuals who might give questionable service.

Background Checks

Criminal Background Checks

Credit Reports

Drug Screening


Qualification Checks

Reference Checking

Employment verification

Education verification

License background

Social Media Screening


Of hospitality recruiters face difficulty filling skilled positions due to competition and a shortage of talent


Times Hospitality industry turnover is higher than any other industry


The additional number of staff required by Hospitality industry by 2020

How DataCheck Helps

If you are recruiting hospitality personnel, our pre-employment screening can assist you in making the right hire who will provide customers with great experiences.

There are real consequences for making bad hires. So after a couple of decades of industry experience, we’ve created a pre-employment background screening plan for our customers in the hospitality industry to mitigate risks.


Benefits of Hospitality Checks


With our rapid delivery of results, we can help you make hires fast. We know you have quickly approaching deadlines, so we make a point to keep this easy.


We employ a rigorous commitment to data testing and cross-checking to ensure that we do not make mistakes that remotely cause a potential issue for our client.


The security and privacy of your candidates and employees are essential. We handle everything on our secure platform to keep data protected.

Lower Overheads

Screening candidates saves inevitable revenue that would be wasted by dealing with the loss of efficiency, lawsuits, and drama of hiring drug users or worse.

Cutting-Edge Tech

Utilize our customizable screening packages: you specify, and we deploy. We get the job done fast while you focus on maintaining a great business.

Keep your hospitality business running smoothly with our streamlined background screening process.