Motor Vehicle Record Screening

Whether your company employs drivers or has people drive company cars, they could put your organization in trouble with an accident or negligence. The Motor Vehicle Report (MVR) provides an insight into drug/alcohol problems, irresponsibility, and dangerous driving habits. This is critically important when the use of company vehicles are involved. Our MVR screening services provide driving record and DMV background checks to ensure that your employees are more than qualified to drive your commercial vehicles.

Benefits of MVR Screening

Reduce your Risk

A shocking 40% of collisions are work-related.  One proactive way to mitigate this hazard is to screen your drivers with an MVR report.


Use our service as a pre-employment check, annual check, or even as a continuous service. You can easily order this in conjunction with other employee screening services.


We verify our reports for accuracy and deliver them on a secured, encrypted platform to ensure the privacy of everyone involved.

Save Money

Accidents are inevitable and expensive! Reducing risk means that you avoid the many bills, insurance hikes, worker’s compensation, and lost productivity that comes with accidents.

Know the Candidate

If they have a few DUIs under their belt, are they the best person to drive the company car to appointments? Know exactly who you're hiring with MVR checks.

Types of MVR Checks

Driver’s License Validation

Ensure that the candidate has a valid license, especially as ID forgery is on the rise. We do this quickly and accurately.

Driving Related Violations Screening

Perfect for new candidates or checking up on your employees, this check delves into the driving records of the applicant, offering an insight into substance problems, irresponsibility, and dangerous driving habits.

Let us provide everything you need to know about your candidate’s driving record.