Healthcare Industry

You need to hire capable talent, fast. But in the healthcare and medical field, the safety and wellbeing of patients is imperative. The quality of your staff directly impacts this.

Our service exists to screen candidates and massively mitigate risk. Our screening solutions are rapid, precise and highly reliable. We manage this while adhering to compliance standards 100%. Never expect any less.

We Meet Your Healthcare Hiring Challenges Head On

Healthcare industry hiring is competitive and ultra-regulated. HR departments must use compliant screening services or risk getting stung by the wrath of strict regulations. We offer background checks that are accurate, fast, and convenient for candidates and HR staff.

Health Sanctions Level 1, 2, & 3 Search

National Criminal Database Search

OIG/SAM Search

How DataCheck Helps

We verify your candidates’ work history to help you and the industry itself. This mitigates risk to patient and employee safety while staying compliant. It also keeps everyone happy and reduces any chance of unexpected fines and penalties.


Benefits of Healthcare Employment Screening

High Speed + High Scale

We utilize economies of scale to bulk order. This guarantees that larger application batches are processed at rapid speed. Small, medium or large, we get the job done fast without sacrificing quality.

Automatic Screening

We love making it simple. Set your screening criteria and let us do the job. Our platform uses automation to flag applicants that have an issue or require additional review.

Reliable Quality

DataCheck technology utilizes advanced record verification processing and compliance filters to deliver accurate results consistently. The healthcare industry has no time for unreliable data, and neither do we.

Compliance Automation

We automate compliance workflows that deal with consent forms and functions such as the adverse action process. We do this in multiple states and municipalities across the United States.


Are you worried about hiring a sanctioned employee or vendor? We’ve got you covered. We offer complete healthcare database examinations. Further, we identify healthcare sanctions or abuse registries to ensure that your hiring is fully compliant.

Contact us today for best-in-class healthcare industry screening.