General FAQ

DataCheck hours of operation are: Monday through Friday 5:30 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time

Set up is quick and easy and you can be ordering within 24-48 hours. We e-mail all the necessary forms and instructions to get started, including the Consumer Disclosure, the Background Check Release Form and the Summary of the Applicant's Rights under the FCRA. We schedule training webinars on how to navigate our platform, how to order and retrieve reports, and who to contact should you have questions regarding a background check.

Our commitment to customer service. Let's face it - most background screening companies offer the same services. What makes the difference is how the client is treated and at DataCheck. Our clients are our #1 priority. 

DataCheck has been in business for over 20 years! Our management team has over thirty-five years of combined experience in applicant screening and all the right tools to streamline background screening into your hiring process.


We have been in business since 1996 with clients nationwide. We assist a wide variety of business sectors such as manufacturing, medical, retail, executive staffing, financial, hospitality and food services, and many more. We are woman-owned with the CEO being Lucy Kereta-Block who has been in the information business for over 35 years. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and providing the best-in-class solutions for our clients. 

Billing FAQ

You will be billed at the end of each calendar month. Our terms are net 30. Invoices will be e-mailed to you.

No setup fees, no monthly minimums, and no exclusive contracts! 

No. You can order as few background checks as you like. No monthly minimum orders are required.

Yes. Some courts do not require a fee, some do. For those that do, the court fees vary from county to county. 

We accept all major credit cards, company checks and money orders. Terms are Net 30. 

Services FAQ

DataCheck offers multiple ways of requesting background checks: 

  • Web Access - Users access our secure platform with their individual username and password 
  • QuickApp - allows employer to email applicant who then enters their personal information 
  • QuickApp Pro - creates a custom applicant facing solution, customized to client's preference 
  • Integrated Solutions (API) - currently integrated with the most popular ATS's in the market today

If requested by the client, DataCheck will provide one key person to handle your account. Our researchers are trained in all phases of pre-employment background screening and, in the event that your assigned representative is not available, another account representative or a member of our management team can assist you.

By utilizing a user ID and password supplied by DataCheck, you can check up to the minute status of any background check in progress. 

Completed background checks are posted to our secure platform for easy retrieval. You will receive an e-mail notification that your background check is ready for review. At any time, you may review the background check in progress and see what searches have been completed.

DataCheck's software is provided by TazWorks, a leader in employment screening software with the highest security standards, including FCRA, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type II and more.

Most discrepancies will be reported in the final report, however, in some cases, if the discrepancy is of major concern, we will contact you immediately.

Yes, if you provide us with authorization to do so.

Our average turn around time (TAT) is 24 hrs. Depending upon the searches ordered, results can come within minutes or can take up 20 72 hours. Circumstances that may delay information: holidays, criminal records being stored offsite, a court's delay in obtaining archived information, etc. Some statewide criminal searches require that we mail in the applicant's release form. Some employers and schools require a fax request, which can add a day or two to the turnaround time.

Yes, you can check the daily status of background checks in progress on our website or call us with any questions regarding a background check in progress. If there are delays, we will post the reason and if available, estimated time of completion. Additionally, our staff may also contact you via e-mail or phone regarding delays.

While the idea of a nationwide criminal check sounds extremely good, the reality is that there is no such thing as a nationwide criminal check. Even the FBI database is not truly nationwide. The FBI database does not contain most misdemeanors. Many records do not make it to the FBI because the records must be sent from the county to the state and from the state to the FBI; frequently there are breakdowns in the process. DataCheck offers the COPS™ Report, a powerful multi-jurisdictional search of state and county criminal record databases that includes data from 41 states (over 76 million records), including the Sex Offender Registries.

Yes. DataCheck can provide international employment and education verification and criminal records. 

Compliance FAQ

Yes, DataCheck is a founding member of this association.

Access to information found on your report is obtained in various manners. Information is obtained through direct contact with employers, schools, people, companies, governmental agencies, courts, licensing bureaus, credit bureaus and direct sources of driving records. DataCheck utilizes a network of nationwide criminal researchers to provide us with criminal records.