Finance Industry

Financial industry regulations are three feet high and rising. It’s becoming progressively more challenging for financial firms to comply with legal requirements that seem to pop up every day. 

We help our clients navigate the legalities that sometimes seem to contradict each other. DataCheck provides a background screening service that is reliable and produces high-quality results without fear of errors.

Our Recommended Checks for Finance

Candidate Background Information

DataCheck has a team of compliance experts that know how to meet the many requirements, regulations, and intricacies of the financial industries. We conduct screening such as criminal background checks, credit reports, and a host of other searches when applicable.

Individual Qualification Check

Adhering to financial industry regulations, hiring companies must meet a host of prerequisites to determine if a candidate has a criminal past, responsible financial history, and good character.

How DataCheck Can Help

Across the financial services industry, employers are obligated to comply with background screening and investigation requirements. We help a wide range of companies such as banks, credit unions, insurers, and brokers meet compliance regulations efficiently and stress-free. 

From the federal to the state level, we help our clients navigate these laws, which sometimes can be challenging to comprehend when considering anti-discrimination laws. DataCheck’s team balances these compliance and legal requirements at every level.


Benefits of Finance Industry Employment Checks

Speed and Accuracy

DataCheck has the fastest and most competitively priced suite of background screening services in the game. Our team of professionals know this industry and keep up with regulations to truly meet the needs of our clients quickly.

Qualification Validation

We help our clients determine if an applicant has a criminal past, responsible financial history, and good character. This includes a review of their qualifications and if they have faced disciplinary actions by regulators or authorities.

Steadfast Compliance

DataCheck’s team of experts helps banks, brokers, credit unions, insurers, and many more meet compliance regulations fast and with ease.

Candidate Confidence

Our compliance experts know the requirements, regulations, and intricacies of the financial sector.

Save Money

When you successfully screen criminals, dishonest applicants, and sanctioned individuals, your firm drastically decreases the chances of compliance or legal issues.

Tackle financial regulation and compliance head on. With DataCheck, we make this easy.