Why You Should Check the Driving Records of Employees Who Will Drive Company Vehicles

Many jobs require employees to drive company vehicles. An employer is responsible for paying for insurance and can be held liable if an employee causes an accident that results in injuries or property damage. An accident caused by an employee can cause the company’s insurance rates to rise and may also cause the business to become the subject of a lawsuit, which can affect the company’s ability to pay for other expenses. A serious accident caused by an employee can also affect the company’s reputation with the public.

Businesses therefore have a strong incentive to conduct thorough background checks on potential employees who will be operating company vehicles. This should include a check of driving records.

What You Can Learn by Checking a Job Applicant’s Driving Record

Conducting a check of a job applicant’s driving record can help your company identify someone who has a history of reckless or unsafe driving. A motor vehicle records (MVR) check will reveal the status of a person’s license (active or suspended), endorsements, restrictions, and any violations. It can let you know if someone has a history of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. In some states, a DUI conviction will not be found with a standard check of criminal records but can be found with an MVR check.

Requirements for Driving Record Checks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires a company to review motor vehicle records from every state where an employee who is a commercial driver has held a license in the past three years. A company is also required to obtain motor vehicle records from every state where a driver has held a license once a year.

How to Check a Job Applicant’s Driving Record

If you need to hire an employee who will be operating a company vehicle, even on an infrequent basis, you should conduct a check of that person’s driving history. A thorough background check can reveal reckless driving habits, records for driving under the influence, and other potential problems.

Hiring an employee with a history of unsafe driving can put your company at risk for accidents that can cause injuries and property damage and can cost your business financially in terms of legal fees and higher insurance premiums. DataCheck can help you conduct background checks on job applicants so you can get a complete picture of a person’s background before making an offer of employment. Contact us today so we can help you conduct pre-employment background checks.

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