Full Background Checks

An investment by an employer into comprehensive background checks is absolutely essential in the age of the Internet and Photoshop. A background check that includes verification of residency and a social security number check, along with motor vehicle records, can help prevent issues from cropping up after an offer of employment has been given and accepted. Another aspect of a background check that needs to be taken into consideration would be the issue of substance abuse.

First, employers have to know whether or not a potential employee is who they say they are; the best way to check this is by a social security number verification or address history. Social security number fraud is a huge problem. Social security numbers are constantly being stolen, fraudulently used and even fabricated. In some cases, people have presented the social security number of a dead relative as their own. Another critical component of a reliable background check is address verification. By asking the potential hire to provide a list of his or her previous addresses and then cross referencing them against those provided on a credit report will give the employer a basis for finding more about their potential new hire. Potential hires who lie about their past or who present fraudulent social security numbers probably will not make for a reliable, trustworthy employee.

Secondly, a substance abuse report is also key part of full background checks. Pre-screening of the final candidates for an important position makes a great deal of sense. People who use drugs are much more likely to steal from their employers than those employees who do not. This is especially true for those employers who work for banks, high end retail outlets, municipalities and many other sectors of the economy.

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