How Soon Should a Background Check be Conducted?

A meticulous background check needs to be completed before a potential employee is offered employment. An investment can prevent the hiring a drug addicted, dishonest, and shiftless employee. As the economies around the world are still struggling to rebound from recent the economic crisis, the last thing any security company, brokerage firm, or hi-tech startup company needs is a nettlesome and problematic employee. Employees with a history of drug and or alcohol abuse – moreover an employee with a documented history of filing worker compensation grievances or healthcare claims – is going to be a drag on the overall production, efficiency, and even profitability of his or her employer.

Before an Offer is Officially Made

A background check should be conducted once there is the possibility of that person might be offered a full-time job; these particular types of check need a certain amount of time in order for them to be done, efficiently, correctly, and professionally.

Having a completed background check that has been conducted a by a reputable firm is the best safeguard against a making an offer of employment to a duplicitous and troublesome employee. Without a background check, there are many potential employees who look very appealing on paper but they might have a highly checkered criminal, credit, and work history.


A national background check can pull information about outstanding criminal warrants, convictions, parole violations, and many other types of infractions. A methodical pre-screening of job applicants before making a job offer will ensure a safer work environment for employees, red-flag falsified job applications, and will provide employers with all of the applicable facts they will need in order to make sound hiring decisions. In this down economy, why taken an unnecessary risk?

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