What to do if a Background Check is Inaccurate?

There are a number of different types of background checks that are cost effective, including C.O.P.S. – Criminal Offender Profile Summary. Most reputable and honest investigative service companies offer this powerful multi-jurisdictional search of state and county criminal record databases that includes data from 36 states (over 76 million records), including the Sex Offender Registries in 29 states. This type of background check gives employers very important and valuable insights into possible criminal activity of their potential hires. The National Background check can check for outstanding criminal warrants, convictions, parole violations, and many other types of infractions.

With a Credit Report

When a mistake is noticed on a credit report, work history, or criminal record, then this type of error calls for immediate action; moreover, the reporting agency needs to be notified, preferably with a certified letter, in which proof of the error is documented along with recommendations for fixing the mistake. In the age of rampant identity theft, Photoshop, and credit card fraud, there is bound to be piles of credit reports which contain mountains of erroneous information. Although the reporting agencies might be slow to rectify these errors, logging every call, letter, and every other form of communication with the different agencies is vital.

In a Criminal History Investigation

Even more egregious, when a mistake has been made with regards to a person’s criminal record, then immediate action is required. Such a mistake might cost an unsuspecting person a job, a chance at a decent, affordable mortgage, or even a chance at romance. In the age of Google, Facebook, and Twitter, name and address searches can be done in a matter of minutes and for a very low cost.

Like every other aspect of life, mistakes will be made and thus people will have to own up to their errors and then fix them before too much harm is done.

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