Statewide Criminal Record Searches

Available States Source Of Information
Alabama Court Administration
Alabama Criminal Repository
Arkansas Arkansas State Police
Arizona Arizona Supreme Court
Colorado Colorado Bureau Of Investigation
Connecticut Connecticut Department Of Public Safety
Florida Florida Department Of Law Enforcement
Georgia Georgia Crime Information Center (GCIC)
Hawaii Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center
Idaho Idaho State Police
Illinois Illinois State Police
Indiana Indiana State Police
Iowa Iowa Department Of Public Safety
Division Of Criminal Investigation
Kansas Kansas Bureau Of Investigation
Kentucky Kentucky State Police
Maine Maine State Police
State Bureau Of Identification
Maryland Maryland Judiciary Courts
Massachusetts Massachusetts State Police
Michigan Michigan Criminal Justice Information Center
Minnesota Minnesota Department Of Public Safety
Mississippi Mississippi Administrative Office Of The Courts
Missouri Missouri State Highway Patrol
Montana Montana Department Of Justice
Nebraska Nebraska State Patrol Criminal Identification Department
New Jersey New Jersey Multi – Court System
New Hampshire Department Of Public Safety
Division Of State Police
New Mexico New Mexico Department Of Public Safety
New York New York Unified Court System
North Carolina Court Administration
North Carolina Criminal Repository
Norta Dakota North Dakota Bureau Of Criminal Identification
Oklahoma Oklahoma Bureau Of Investigation
Oregon Oregon State Police
Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State Police
South Dakota South Dakota Unified Judicial System
South Carolina South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
Tennessee Tennessee Bureau Of Investigation
Texas Texas Department Of Public Safety
Crime Records Service
Vermont Vermont Crime Information Center
Virginia Virginia State Police
Washington Washington State Police
Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department
Wisconsin Wisconsin Department Of Justice
Criminal Information Bureau Records Check
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