Online Background Checks

With the proliferation of unlicensed and uninsured private investigation services that are dominating the World Wide Web, it is imperative to those who are in need of online background checks that they hire only certified investigatory professionals. When hiring company conducts background checks on potential business partners, new hires, or even former spouses, it is necessary that the people doing the actual investigation be highly experienced, completely discreet and totally unafraid of what they might find out during their investigation.

A benefit of doing a thorough pre-screening of job applicants is to learn about any past criminal behavior. The ability to verify whether or not an applicant has a criminal history is vital, especially when the job involves dealing with other people’s personal information, finances, or physically being around large sums of cash. In this regard, there is the Criminal Offender Profile summary through DataCheck. In this summary, we are able to check the criminal records of job applicants in over 40 states. Just like there is grave danger in hiring a person who has a drug problem, there is also a huge risk when an employer unknowingly hires a convicted felon and or a person on a sex offender list. These types of criminal offenses can be checked via online databases.

While a great deal of background information can be found on social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, and even personal websites, much more pertinent and potentially damaging information can be unearthed by good old fashioned gumshoe type of work. This particular type of investigatory work involves stake outs, photos, wire tapping, and surveillance. These types of tasks are best left to former police officers, retired FBI agents, and other types of people with a great deal of experience in conducting background investigations.

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