How Your Background Screening Partner Can Help During COVID-19

As the world begins to reopen, businesses are navigating employees’ return to work, onboarding processes for new hires, and, in many cases, limited resources with which to get all of that done.


A background screening partner can support your business during and well after the COVID-19 pandemic, giving you peace of mind that returning to a new sense of normalcy can be done safely and efficiently. 



Navigating Screening Delays

Many states are still not yet working at total capacity, including government entities and court systems. That has led to a persistent delay in background checks during COVID-19 and screening verifications and companies needed a solution. 


Thankfully, many virtual services are still available, and a background screening partner can support you around parsing out the relevant information available now for conditional hiring processes until information can be verified by the appropriate officials. Certain licensing requirements can likely be met with searches online; a conditional hire may then be appropriate in those cases, even if verification of those licenses will still likely be delayed.


Employee contracts should always include language around conditional hiring practices to ensure that fresh hires understand that background checks may not be verified for some time following that conditional offer. Keep in mind that once those delayed background checks are available and verified, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) does allow for feedback from employees if any information in those reports is disputed.


Flexible Hiring Processes

A background screening partner can support a business around navigating any changes to background check laws over the course of the last year, on top of managing the logistics of hires that may be at different stages in the screening process. 


Screening services providers can also work with a company around prioritizing employee screenings. 


For example, an employee that will be working remotely full time may not need as comprehensive of a screening process as someone who will be in the office full time. An employee who will not be handling secure materials may not need as comprehensive a screening as someone who will be accessing sensitive company data. In this case, it may make sense to wait out background check delays over a conditional hire and delay an employee’s start date rather than initiating a potential adverse action process after the fact.


COVID-19 Safety Protocols

The addition of a COVID-19 screening solution has been another obstacle to navigate for many companies, particularly those with extensive face-to-face interaction. 


Background screening services can be supportive in updating policies to reflect the ongoing pandemic. Partners may also offer support around communicating an organization’s legal rights around urging employees to both get tested and become vaccinated once eligible and identifying accommodations that may be required for employees unable or unwilling to get tested or vaccinated.


This is on top of linking companies up with systems and digital solutions to monitor employees in the vaccination process and provide information and resources to employees virtually about the ongoing pandemic.



An Added Layer of Accountability

In moments like this one where companies must manage a number of unique challenges, a background screening partner can allow for an added layer of accountability, ensuring steps are being followed and companies are kept up to date on changing regulations. Missing a step or choosing to sidestep recommended best practices due to constraints on time or a need for more staff can lead to expensive problems down the line, or worse.


Background screening partners cut through the legalese for organizations to propose solutions that not only meet the challenges of the moment, but are legally sound if a screening were to uncover something that would make a hire inappropriate. 


Working With Limited Resources

A background screening partner considers the budget you’re working with when working to create a comprehensive screening process at your organization. It may be as simple as screening for areas that are most important to a role, or required by law when given certain government positions. 


The focus of a partner working with you on your screening solutions should be guidance when necessary, and support around periods of transition like this one.


Customized Screening Solution Services

A business working with rehiring furloughed workers will have different needs than a business looking to greatly expand its employee base. The need for speedy hiring due to post-pandemic demand does not lift the legal and ethical burdens a company bears when adjusting screening processes. A background screening partner can support you in creating a plan that works and makes sense for your organization, with experience navigating any manner of challenges. 


DataCheck has over 20 years of experience working with companies looking for background screening services that are tailored to their needs, even during an uncertain time like this one. We’ll help make sure your business is up and running efficiently and affordably.