Understanding Reference Checks vs. Background Checks

A job applicant meets with a manager following her pre-employment screening.

A reference check and background check are used as part of the employee screening process and are equally crucial in comprehensive hiring policies.   The two are pretty different, though, and provide employers with unique information about a potential employee. Knowing the difference between a background check and reference check processes will allow you to…

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What Types of Professional References Should Employers Check?

Checking professional references is an essential piece of the puzzle when onboarding new employees. A good or bad reference can make or break an employer’s impression of a job applicant.   Which professional references are important to check when determining whether an employee is a good fit, though, and which aren’t as valuable? Of course,…

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How Your Background Screening Partner Can Help During COVID-19

As the world begins to reopen, businesses are navigating employees’ return to work, onboarding processes for new hires, and, in many cases, limited resources with which to get all of that done.   A background screening partner can support your business during and well after the COVID-19 pandemic, giving you peace of mind that returning…

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Onboarding Remote Employees: Challenges & Tips

Hiring manager and prospective employee having an interview over video chat.

Remote work is likely here to stay, even as some companies begin to welcome employees back to the office. Many companies have successfully navigated the work-from-home environment. Regardless, you’ll want to make sure your remote employees have a seamless transition to your workforce. DataCheck can help. Throughout this blog, we’ll describe the necessary components of…

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How COVID-19 Is Influencing Background Check Laws by State

Amongst the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses had to evolve to changing global conditions and new regulations quickly. Office closures affected more than your company but all of them. Closures include government offices and courthouses, most of which have been operating on closed or limited schedules. Many activities like parole hearings or legal proceedings are postponed or…

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Is It Time to Update Your Company’s Background Check Policy?

A digital notification regarding a company's updated background check policy.

Having a background check policy is integral to your company’s safety. Background checks serve many purposes, and it’s necessary to have a policy that outlines how they function and affect employees. However, possessing a background check policy is just one part of the puzzle. Writing an initial policy but not consistently updating it leads to…

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7 Things to Look for in an Applicant’s Background Check

Finding the perfect employee involves far more than running through employees’ prepared applications and holding interviews. A background check is a necessity, giving employers key information to make an informed decision. What Employment History to Look For in a Background Check  To evaluate candidates properly, employers must keep key facets of background checks and federal…

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Should Your Company Be Using This Popular Type of Background Check?

Overhead shot of employer using a laptop to search a job applicant's social media as part of a background check.

Human resource departments know that conducting background checks can be one of the most helpful aspects of the hiring process. While potential employees put their best foot forward in resumes, applications, and interviews, these portions only provide a limited scope of information about a candidate. Performing external reviews and finding extra data helps construct a…

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Consider the Fair Chance Act When Hiring for Your Business

It is estimated that 70 million Americans have a criminal record. Since they have a record, many of these offenders have limited options when it comes to employment. By considering the Fair Chance Act, employers can help those who have made mistakes in their past by integrating them into society. This increases the chance that…

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How Long Does A Background Check Take?

There are many different types of background checks. The turnaround time for each depends on the type of information requested as well as legal requirements. Depending on the scope of the information the potential employer has asked for, the average background check takes about two to four business days to be completed.   Average Time…

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