4 Reasons Why Credit Reports Matter for Hiring

Young employer analyzing credit checks for her job applicants while sitting at a computer.

Employers have a duty to run a number of various background checks on potential employees. Credit reports are one of them. Like any of the information on a background check, a credit report check provides additional information to employers on prospective employees. Credit reports can give employers insight into a person’s financial well-being and money-management…

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How Long Does A Background Check Take?

There are many different types of background checks. The turnaround time for each depends on the type of information requested as well as legal requirements. Depending on the scope of the information the potential employer has asked for, the average background check takes about two to four business days to be completed.   Average Time…

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What is Included in a Pre-Employment Credit Report?

It is standard for employers to conduct an interview, background report, and drug test as part of the hiring process. Now, credit checks are also being used by some employers to get more detailed information on their potential hire. A pre-employment credit check can alert employers to signs of financial problems like theft or fraud…

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Adverse Action Compliance Is Trickier Than It Seems

job application

Most companies today are familiar with adverse action notices, or notices that inform an applicant that he or she is being denied employment based on criteria such as criminal history or bad credit. The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) dictates how employers can use the results of background investigation in hiring, promotion, suspension or termination.…

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Could a Bad Credit Report Keep You from Your Dream Job?

credit cards

So you’ve found your dream job, completed the interview process and now seem a shoo-in for the position. But there’s one more hurdle to clear: the company wants to conduct a credit check on you before they offer you the position. Is it possible those missed car payments from two years ago are going to…

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How Far Back Do Pre-Employment Background Checks Go?

Most employers conduct background checks on job applicants as part of the hiring process. A background check can uncover important information such as criminal convictions and can allow an employer to verify an applicant’s education and previous employment. Some employers also check candidates’ credit if they would be working in positions that involve handling money.…

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