How Does an Educational Background Affect Salary?

Whether you’re a job seeker or a higher manager, you’ve likely wondered, “how does education affect salary“?  In reality, it depends on the industry and job title. For some fields, a professional educational background will increase salary while it doesn’t make much of a difference in others.  Job seekers want to know that employers are…

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How to Support Workplace Mental Health

A female employee feeling overwhelmed at work.

As workplaces reopen to in-person work and employers begin welcoming employees back to the office, workplace mental health may be an additional challenge to add to already full plates. Employees may be struggling with anxieties over their safety, balancing work and responsibilities that remain at home, and generally doing the mental work of returning to a…

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6 Tips for Navigating the Return to In-Person Work

As restrictions loosen across the country and companies begin to feel a sense of normalcy following COVID-19 closures, attention shifts to returning to work.    How do companies make sure that returning to in-person work is not only efficient and well-managed but safe for everyone making their way back to the office? There are ways…

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5 Ways to Reduce Hiring Costs

As a recruiter, one of the biggest challenges you may face is keeping hiring costs in check. The average cost per hire is just around $4,000. That number cuts significantly into profits, particularly for small businesses. Reduce hiring costs using these tips. Tips to Keep Hiring Costs Low While it might not seem like an…

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What Human Resource Managers Need to Know About the HR Background Check Process

Human resources manager obtains background check authorization form from potential employee

To protect their employers, HR managers should be well-versed in the HR background check process.  They should also be familiar with any applicable human resources background check policy.  Can HR Share My Background Check?  Before beginning an HR background check process, make sure you understand the candidate’s privacy rights so that you stay in compliance…

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Job Drug Testing As Marijuana Legalization Expands

job hiring

Many U.S. states have recently legalized the use of marijuana either for medical or recreational purposes (or both). This has left some employees to wonder whether they’re protected from losing their jobs if they are caught out as marijuana users in their drug tests. This has also left employers wondering what their rights are to…

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Is Your Small Business Falling Behind in HR Compliance?

Staying compliant when it comes to business functions can be a giant undertaking – especially for small businesses with little resources – but it’s absolutely necessary. Being up to code with constantly changing industry standards and knowing the rules for everything from finances to hiring practices, is critical to operate successfully. Small Business Compliance Issues…

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New Legislation Could Affect School Bus Drivers

Earlier this year, federal legislation was introduced that would impact how school bus drivers are hired. It all comes down to background checks. It’s called The Safety for the Schoolchildren Act. The legislation would instruct all states and school districts nationwide to obtain FBI background checks on all new job applicants, including potential school bus…

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Holiday Background Checks

  The holiday season can be a busy hiring time for businesses that depend on seasonal employees. We’re talking about everything from extra counter and sales help to store Santas. The demand is high and positions need to be filled. This is why this is such an important time of year for background checks. Employers…

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