How to Support Workplace Mental Health

A female employee feeling overwhelmed at work.

As workplaces reopen to in-person work and employers begin welcoming employees back to the office, workplace mental health may be an additional challenge to add to already full plates. Employees may be struggling with anxieties over their safety, balancing work and responsibilities that remain at home, and generally doing the mental work of returning to a…

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Navigating Vaccine Management Platform Challenges for HR Leaders

Many Americans have awaited the day the country could reopen and welcome workers back to in-person environments safely. The Covid-19 vaccine roll-out has brought us closer than ever. But some companies are wondering how they can legally monitor their employees’ vaccination status. There are many ways to collect vaccination data from your workforce, but today…

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Home Care & Background Checks

  There is hope that a new law in one state will help protect seniors from the unregulated areas of the home health care industry. The new law in Arizona requires non-medical in-home caregiver agencies to disclose information to consumers about background checks, training, cost of service and hiring and firing policies. This supply of…

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