Home Care & Background Checks


There is hope that a new law in one state will help protect seniors from the unregulated areas of the home health care industry.

The new law in Arizona requires non-medical in-home caregiver agencies to disclose information to consumers about background checks, training, cost of service and hiring and firing policies. This supply of information is not a one-time thing. It must be done on an annual basis.

One member of an in-home care association says the law is a good first step of transparency. It should help people feel safer when they set up in-home care for a loved one.

Disclosure notices have already gone out to new clients and this policy will continue. Again, the law is relatively new. It was just signed into law on April 1st of this year. The law applies to non-medical in-home care agencies and not to private individual caregivers. The disclosure form is also not required from specific home health care services, senior living facilities and clients who receive care and services through federal or state programs.

If agencies give those disclaimers to consumers, they are in violation of the law. Arizona is not unique in offering some sort of protection. Many states require certification for non-medical caregiver agencies.

If nothing else, the law should increase safety and should the importance of thorough background checks.