Should You Still Conduct Marijuana Drug Tests?

As the years pass, marijuana continues to be a hotly contested subject, especially regarding the workplace. Employers often wonder what their role in marijuana drug tests is and if they should conduct a marijuana drug test.  Currently, it’s quite common for employers to use drug tests initially during the hiring process and conduct random drug…

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Job Drug Testing As Marijuana Legalization Expands

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Many U.S. states have recently legalized the use of marijuana either for medical or recreational purposes (or both). This has left some employees to wonder whether they’re protected from losing their jobs if they are caught out as marijuana users in their drug tests. This has also left employers wondering what their rights are to…

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Drug Testing, Background Checks and Finding Work While Sober

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Finding a job in today’s economic times can be difficult, to say the least. A shortage of jobs, a population lacking necessary skills and rising costs for employers, all make the landscape what it currently is. For employers, the need to hire the right people is always top of mind. Wasting time and resources to…

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New Hires & Drug Testing: What You Should Know

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Hiring new employees is a cumbersome task. From vetting the right candidates, to scouring resumes and ultimately starting the application and hiring process – there is a lot involved. Depending on the industry you’re in and the state you reside, there can be several other factors that also come into play as well. Drug Testing…

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Should a Pre-Employment Background Check Include Drug Testing?

When companies are looking for candidates to hire for open positions, they routinely conduct background checks. Many employers also conduct pre-employment drug testing. In some cases, drug testing is required by law, but in many cases it is up to the discretion of the employer. Is Pre-Employment Drug Testing Required? Most companies across the United…

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