Drug Testing, Background Checks and Finding Work While Sober

Finding a job in today’s economic times can be difficult, to say the least. A shortage of jobs, a population lacking necessary skills and rising costs for employers, all make the landscape what it currently is. For employers, the need to hire the right people is always top of mind.

Wasting time and resources to onboard, train and then, dismiss an employee, is never the desired route. To pick the right candidate however, there are several steps hiring managers should take. These steps will test the skills of a candidate, verify their identity and examine their background to help the company make an informed decision about who they are bringing into their workplace.

Drug Testing for Jobs

Employers will shy away from hiring drug users not only because the activities are illegal, but also because it can affect work performance, put the workplace and other employees at risk, and in some industries, is even against the law.

For the many people who are fighting addiction and making their way back into the workforce, this topic also raises a number of questions around employability and whether or not their past will have an effect on their ability to enter the workforce again.

Having the stability a job provides is important for everyone. Especially those who may be recovering from addiction and looking to stay on a healthy path. A regular paycheck will make it easier to pay bills, afford necessities and keep some stress at bay. With the job market in its current condition however, this can be difficult to achieve.

Background Checks Will Reveal Lies

Companies who choose to screen candidates for drug use, or randomly test their own staff, have seen incidents where skipping out on the test center appointment all together is happening. This is a sign of the current situation faced by many employers.

If your company has a plan in place to assist with re-entry into the workforce for those who may have had issues in the past but are doing better in the present, you’ll need a plan in place to ensure they remain committed to the job and sober. Work with case managers and counselors to match and manage candidates for the best outcome.

For applicant’s, remember that while you don’t need to talk about your past addictions or issues, lying on an application or being dishonest in the interview process will likely cost you a potential job. Background checks will show the employer past arrests or other criminal activity you have been involved in – even if your drug test comes up clean. If you’ve been doing better, highlight that when the question comes up and be honest about your personal advancements.

If you need help with background and drug testing for potential new hires contact DataCheck Inc. We offer criminal checks, driving records, credit reports, employment and education verification, reference checking, drug testing, and a wide variety of other searches to assist you in your applicant pre-screening process. Protect your business  and pre-screen before you hire.

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