New Hires & Drug Testing: What You Should Know

Hiring new employees is a cumbersome task. From vetting the right candidates, to scouring resumes and ultimately starting the application and hiring process – there is a lot involved. Depending on the industry you’re in and the state you reside, there can be several other factors that also come into play as well.

Drug Testing for Jobs

Drug testing is a major part of the hiring process for many companies. These tests can show if an applicant has used illegal drugs like cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines, opiates and more. Urinalysis is the most common method used to test for traces of drugs in the system and is one of the best options for uncovering illegal drug use long after its affect has worn off on the user.

Why Employers Drug Test for Jobs

Bringing individuals into a workforce that can put the operations or others at risk is a huge liability. That can extend beyond drug use to those with criminal, violent histories or simply being careless in their online social media presence. Qualifications and standards necessary for each job will vary. Operating heavy machinery will take a certain level of awareness that drugs can impair for example. Screening for issues upfront is the best way to protect a company from issues down the line.

Are Drug Tests Legal?

While there has been laws passed that say it’s not an invasion of privacy to have applicants drug tested at a facility, there are still somethings you’ll need to be sure of before you create a policy for your company. Some states have mandatory drug testing, while others don’t, for example, and there are laws stating that discriminating or being selective about who you drug test violates laws. It’s best to work with professionals who know the laws and cover all the bases.

At DataCheck, we offer drug testing services so you can ensure you hire drug-free workers. We offer traditional urine-based lab testing at over 4,000 collection facilities nationwide as well as instant testing products and drug testing with hair and saliva. We can also help you write your drug free work policy.

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