A Closer Look at “Ban the Box” Rules

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Many businesses haven’t changed their hiring procedures much in recent years. “If it works, why mess with it?” is an oft-heard refrain. While there is a convenience in doing the old-fashioned way, new rules have come into play that may limit how companies can conduct background checks on prospective employees. What is “Ban the Box?”…

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70% of Employers Are Using Social Media to Screen Candidates

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Employers today have a wide variety of screening tools at their disposal. It helps that potential employees, like most Americans, regularly publish information about themselves. More and more companies are using this information – most of it accessible by social media – to pre-check candidates before they put out a job offer. According to a…

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What Do Employers Check for on Your Social Media?

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When sifting through applications and deciding which people to interview, most employers look at applicants’ social media profiles. It’s become a key element in our everyday lives today. What they find can work for or against a candidate. Here are some things to think about when it comes to employer social media checks. How Social…

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Do Small Businesses Need Employee Background Checks?

Small businesses are thriving in today’s economy, and arguably are the lifeblood of many industries. As competition in the workforce heats up, it’s important for small business owners to protect their establishments from risk and choose candidates who fit the unique culture of their typically intimate and diverse workplaces.    It’s become an important focus…

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Avoid Expensive Hiring Mistakes: Check Employee Diplomas

Imagine this scenario: You’ve identified a good candidate who has a bachelor’s degree from a respected state school. You know this because it said so on her resume and application. Maybe she even included a scan of her degree. Your human resources duties are done for the week. But are they? Resume Misrepresentation Misrepresentation of educational…

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Do Your Due Diligence with Criminal Background Checks Before Hiring

Sooner or later, it happens to every business: someone you hired or contracted has some unpleasant secrets that come back to haunt the company. While most organizations make it policy to ask potential new hires about their criminal histories, it shouldn’t be a surprise that not every applicant is forthcoming with the truth. According to…

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How to Avoid Being Sued over Background Checks

If your company needs to hire one or more new employees, you probably want to conduct background checks to make sure you are hiring people who are honest about their qualifications and do not have lengthy criminal records. When obtaining a background check through a consumer reporting agency, you must follow the Fair Credit Reporting…

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