Do Background Checks Show Warrants?

A background check can reveal a variety of information that can be important to employers making decisions on which applicants to hire. This can include an applicant’s criminal history. If a warrant has been issued for an individual, that information might also be available to an employer who conducts a pre-employment background check.

Several types of warrants can be issued, depending on the circumstances. Warrants do not always show up in criminal records, but in many cases they do. It may depend on how thorough the background check is and which records are checked.

Criminal Warrants

Police can issue a criminal warrant if they suspect someone of a crime. A criminal warrant authorizes police to arrest the person suspected of the offense.

Criminal warrants usually show up when a background check is conducted, but not always. It may depend on where the warrant was issued, who is conducting the background check, and what records are checked. Laws on who has access to criminal warrants vary from state to state. If the person or company conducting the background check does not have access to information on criminal warrants, that information will not show up. In general, information on criminal warrants is only accessible to law enforcement.

Civil Warrants

A civil warrant can be issued if a person fails to follow a court order. For example, a civil arrest warrant can be issued if a person does not pay child support as ordered by the court. A civil warrant is issued by a judge and is included in court records, so it will probably show up in a background check.

Bench Warrants

A bench warrant is issued by a judge if someone does not appear in court for either a criminal or civil proceeding. It authorizes police to arrest the individual immediately if he or she is located. Since bench warrants are issued by courts, they are included in court records and will probably be found when a background check is conducted.

DataCheck Can Conduct Pre-Employment Background Checks

DataCheck conducts pre-employment background checks for businesses across the United States. We can help you find information related to an applicant’s criminal history that may include outstanding warrants. This information can help you make the best employment decisions possible so you can hire qualified and reliable people. If you need to have background checks conducted for job applicants, contact DataCheck today to get started.

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