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7 Things to Look for in an Applicant’s Background Check

By Kristina Block | October 21, 2020

Finding the perfect employee involves far more than running through employees’ prepared applications and holding interviews. A background check is a necessity, giving employers key information to make an informed decision. What Employment History to Look For in a Background Check  To evaluate candidates properly, employers must keep key facets of background checks and federal…

What Information Does and Doesn’t Show in a Background Check?

By Kristina Block | October 7, 2020

As an employer, it’s essential to run a background check for many reasons. However, do background checks show the whole picture? What do they encompass? Here, we’ll answer those exact questions, going over what exactly does (and doesn’t) appear on a background check. What Information Appears on a Background Check? Background checks are standardized to…

Criminal background check application form alongside pen and glasses for job applicants to fill out

Everything You Need to Know About the 7-Year Lookback Rule in Employment Background Checks

By Kristina Block | September 17, 2020

As an employer, obtaining a background check on a potential future employee is the simplest way to protect your investment. A background check can provide identity verification, financial records, reference checking, criminal records, and sex offender status.  Despite the thorough information the background check can provide, it can have some limitations. Specific criminal data may…

Human resources manager obtains background check authorization form from potential employee

What Human Resource Managers Need to Know About the HR Background Check Process

By Kristina Block | September 3, 2020

To protect their employers, HR managers should be well-versed in the HR background check process.  They should also be familiar with any applicable human resources background check policy.  Can HR Share My Background Check?  Before beginning an HR background check process, make sure you understand the candidate’s privacy rights so that you stay in compliance…

Overhead shot of employer using a laptop to search a job applicant's social media as part of a background check.

Should Your Company Be Using This Popular Type of Background Check?

By Kristina Block | August 18, 2020

Human resource departments know that conducting background checks can be one of the most helpful aspects of the hiring process. While potential employees put their best foot forward in resumes, applications, and interviews, these portions only provide a limited scope of information about a candidate. Performing external reviews and finding extra data helps construct a…

What Should Employers Look For in a Background Check?

By Kristina Block | August 5, 2020

The search for a new hire can be exciting. As a business owner, it represents growth, reinvestment, and the potential to become an even better company. Of course, with such a big decision that impacts your business’ day-to-day functioning, you’ll want to find the perfect employee for the position. The best way to confirm your…

The Differences Between a State and Federal Background Check

By Kristina Block | July 23, 2020

As an employer, it’s imperative to run the necessary background checks on potential employees. Conducting thorough government background checks on a job applicant gives you peace of mind that you’re choosing the best person for the position, as well as the ability to prevent problems that may arise from hiring someone with negative issues related…

7 Things You’ll Find About a Candidate’s Employment History in a Background Check

By Kristina Block | July 8, 2020

With a more competitive job market than ever before, it’s easier to find a number of qualified candidates.  However, because finding a job is difficult in the currently oversaturated market, candidates might be prone to lie on their application or resume, or embellish it, to make themselves look more qualified for a job.  They might…

What to Do if a Candidate Lies About Their Education

By Kristina Block | June 24, 2020

Did you know that an estimated 85 percent of people lie about something their resume? With the staggering number of people looking for a job right now due to layoffs because of the COVID-19 pandemic, that number might be even higher. Potential candidates might be tempted to take drastic measures in order to qualify for…

Should You Hire Someone With a Criminal Record?

By Kristina Block | June 10, 2020

In the United States, more than 650,000 prisoners are released from jail every year. Employers might be concerned about hiring an ex-convict. These applicants might be perceived as less competent and lacking skills. However, a background investigation can give information about why the applicant wen t to prison that may influence the decision as to…