Sharing Economy Boosting Need for Employee Background Checks

While certain jobs have always required background checks for security of employees as well as protection from lawsuits on the part of employers, a new generation of needs are cropping up thanks to the “sharing economy.”

The Internet has enabled a variety of new business models, and one of them involves enabling consumers and service providers to reach each other directly. The result has been companies like Airbnb, which allows private homeowners to put their unused rooms and apartments to use as rentals, or Lyft and Uber, which help vehicle owners earn money by providing affordable ridesharing services.

Security an Issue in the Sharing Economy

The sharing economy has its downsides, and one of them has proven to be security. Hotels and taxi companies, for example, are often regulated by federal, state or local authorities, but collaborative platforms frequently are not. Thanks to some high-profile stories in the news about a lack of security with some sharing services, consumers are understandably nervous about opening their homes to strangers or getting into a car with one.

Uber has been hit hard in recent years by high-profile security issues. Under guidance from a new CEO, the ridesharing company announced it will begin performing annual criminal background checks on U.S. drivers and hire third-party service providers to continually monitor criminal arrests in an attempt to do a better job of keeping riders safe. A series of high-profile security problems and scandals led to the resignation of former CEO Travis Kalanick last year.

Providers Need to Build Trust

Peer-to-peer sharing, while a revolutionary idea that is cutting out extra expenses from “middlemen,” is a concept that doesn’t work without trust. For digital and app-based sharing businesses to grow in the current economy, they must create a sense of safety and trust for buyers.

“If you’re not working to build and demonstrate it, then the future might be about to leave you behind, as trust is quickly becoming the global — and most-valued — currency of modern time,” wrote TechCrunch’s Adriana Stan, who noted that the sharing economy needs a “codification of trust.”

Hire Professionals

Most companies aren’t equipped to ensure that all employees are deserving of positions of trust. (And do you really want to take the chance?) Professional third-party background investigation companies like DataCheck specialize in obtaining pertinent information through criminal background checks on a statewide and national level, past employment and background history information, and background investigations for DMV history, credit reports, drug screening, and many other aspects on individuals for employers nationwide.

Before you begin offering services to the public, ensure your customers can trust your employees.

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