Will a Background Check Show a Conviction for a Misdemeanor?

A misdemeanor is a crime that is less serious than a felony, such as petty theft, vandalism, public intoxication, or disorderly conduct. The punishment for a misdemeanor is less severe than the punishment for a felony, but a record of a misdemeanor conviction can stay on a person’s record for life.

Whether or Not a Misdemeanor Is Reported Depends on Which Jurisdictions Are Checked

When an employer conducts a pre-employment background check on a job applicant, a conviction for a misdemeanor may or may not show up. It depends on where the crime was prosecuted and which jurisdictions’ records are checked.

Most misdemeanors are prosecuted by county courts. If an employer only conducts a check of state records, it may not uncover a misdemeanor prosecuted at the county level. If a job applicant moved to another state after the conviction and the employer only conducts a background check in the state where the company is located, the background check may not uncover the misdemeanor conviction.

Some Employers Are Willing to Overlook Misdemeanor Convictions

If a job applicant has been convicted of a misdemeanor, that may or may not be a factor that could influence the employer’s hiring decision. Some companies will exclude all applicants with a conviction of any kind, while others will still hire someone who has only been convicted of a misdemeanor. Many employers will consider the nature of the offense and when it occurred. If the crime was committed several years ago and the person served a sentence and has not committed another crime since then, an employer may still decide to hire the applicant if he or she is otherwise qualified.

DataCheck Can Help with Pre-Employment Background Checks

Before you hire a candidate for an open position, you should conduct a thorough background check. This can uncover any criminal convictions so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to hire an individual. DataCheck has helped many types of businesses all across the United States conduct background checks on job applicants so they could make the best hiring decisions. Contact DataCheck today so we can help your business.

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