Why a Background Check Should Include Social Security Number Verification

When an employer conducts a background check on a job applicant, it is critical to get the most accurate and complete information possible in order to make an informed decision on whether or not to hire that individual. This can be difficult since multiple people may have the same name and people often change their names, such as when they get married.

Conducting a Social Security number validation and verification is a critical first step that can help employers make sure they are getting accurate and complete information. This will verify that the Social Security number is valid and has been issued to the individual in question.

Verifying an Applicant’s Social Number Can Help You Get Complete Information

A background check that only looks for records based on the applicant’s name and date of birth can leave out information if that person used to be known by a different name. If the person committed a crime while using a maiden name and the background check only searches for records under the person’s married name, the record of the criminal conviction could be overlooked.

Conducting a search based on a Social Security number can provide more complete information. A Social Security number verification can reveal information about other names used and addresses where the individual has lived. Knowing all names used in the past and present allows the company conducting the background check to find any and all criminal records. By knowing about past addresses, the company conducting the background check will know which jurisdictions to check to find possible records of criminal convictions.

Conduct Thorough Background Checks on Job Applicants

If you are looking for candidates for an open position, you should conduct thorough background checks before hiring someone. A background check can reveal information about an applicant’s criminal history that could influence your decision and can protect you from negligent hiring lawsuits. A background check should start with verification of the applicant’s Social Security number to verify identity and to find out which names and addresses to use in conducting further searches.

Contact DataCheck for Help with Pre-Employment Background Checks

DataCheck has helped businesses of all kinds across the United States conduct thorough background checks on job applicants. We will start by verifying an applicant’s Social Security number so we can uncover the most accurate and complete information possible to help in your hiring decision. To conduct a background check on a job applicant, contact DataCheck today.