Why Employers Should Verify Job Applicants’ Education

Employers in most fields have educational requirements when they hire applicants for open positions. Businesses want to choose candidates who have degrees or certifications that are relevant to the position to make sure that they have the knowledge and skills necessary to do the job.

Some Job Applicants Provide False Information about Education

Unfortunately, some job applicants falsify information on their applications and resumes. One of the most common areas where applicants provide false information is related to education. Applicants can claim to have degrees they never received or buy phony degrees from businesses known as diploma mills. These companies have names that sound like legitimate educational institutions and offer degrees to people who pay a fee but are required to do little or no academic work to earn their diplomas.

Diploma mills are located all across the United States, and new ones are popping up all the time. Some go out of business when they are exposed or change their names. This can make it nearly impossible for employers to know whether a college or university is legitimate or is a diploma mill.

A Background Check Can Reveal the Truth about a Job Applicant’s Education

Hiring a professional background check company can help employers figure out whether candidates for jobs actually have the degrees they claim to have and whether those degrees are from bona fide educational institutions. A background check company can contact the school named on the job applicant’s resume to verify that the person actually attended and graduated with the degree he or she claims to have. It can also research a college or university to make sure it is a legitimate institution of higher learning and not a diploma mill offering phony degrees.

With so many job applicants padding their resumes with claims about degrees they did not actually earn in order to compete for jobs, it is essential for employers to verify the educational backgrounds of applicants. Not verifying an applicant’s education can lead a company to unknowingly hire someone who is dishonest and unqualified for the position, which can have far-reaching implications for the company.

Contact DataCheck for Educational Verification Services

DataCheck conducts thorough background checks for businesses across the United States. We can verify job applicants’ educational histories and degrees to make sure that the information they include on their resumes is accurate and degrees are from legitimate educational institutions. Contact DataCheck today to learn more about our background check services.