What Should Be Included in a Comprehensive Background Check?

Before hiring an applicant, it is essential that an employer conduct a thorough background check of records and references to identify any causes for concern.

A background check needs to verify an applicant’s address history and Social Security number. This information is required to access other public records.

Investigating an applicant’s criminal history is an important part of any background check. This check should include a search of federal, state, and county court records, which includes the nature of the offense, plea, disposition, and dates. The criminal history check will also include a check of sex offender registries and federal and state prison records.

A global report checks records of U.S. and other governments’ foreign sanctions and watch lists for international criminals.

Drug testing will help an employer rule out an applicant with a history of illegal drug use, which could create problems on the job.

A check of an applicant’s credit report will reveal information related to paying habits, judgments, liens, bankruptcies, previous addresses, prior employment, verification of Social Security number, and aliases used.

It is easy to product phony diplomas and degrees, which makes it essential to verify an applicant’s education history. A background check can verify high school diplomas, GED certificates, college and university attendance, degrees, trade school certification, grade point average, and class ranking.

With many applicants providing false or misleading information on their resumes, it is important to verify past employment. An employment history verification will check an applicant’s dates of employment, position, salary, job duties, work habits, and eligibility for rehire.

E-verify enables an employer to check information provided on an applicant’s I-9 form against Social Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security databases to determine eligibility for employment.

A healthcare sanctions/adverse actions check will identify individuals who have been excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid, and other federal health programs. It will also reveal whether a person working in the healthcare field has been a subject of disciplinary action.

A check of motor vehicle records can identify drug and alcohol problems and indicate whether an individual is a safe and responsible driver. This check is important for jobs that include the use of a company vehicle.

A thorough background check can also verify organization and society membership, personal and professional references, and professional licenses.

Conducting a thorough background check on a job applicant is vital in order to hire the best person and to prevent problems that may arise from hiring someone with negative issues related to his or her past.

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