Background Checks for Non-Full Time Employees

Most employers conduct background checks on prospective employees during the hiring process to find out if applicants have a history of criminal convictions. This information can be an important factor in the hiring decision. Conducting background checks is required by law before an offer of employment can be extended to an applicant in certain industries.

Some employers hire non-full time employees, such as temporary workers, contractors, subcontractors, and consultants. It may be beneficial to the business and customers for employers to conduct background checks on workers even if they are not employed full time. This can help ensure a safe working environment for other employees and can protect customers and the public from harm.

Review Background Check Laws

Employers should review state and federal laws related to background checks for non-full time workers, as well as their own internal policies. Employers in some industries are required to conduct background checks on all applicants who work with minors, the elderly, or the disabled. Background checks may also be required for applicants who will be working in sensitive positions where security is a concern.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act governs the use of background checks in the employment process. It applies to all employees, including independent contractors and temporary workers. Federal and state equal employment opportunity laws usually only apply to regular employees, but they can also be applied to non-full time employees if a joint employment relationship exists between the worker and the employer. Laws require that background checks be related to the job and consistent with the company’s business necessity.

How to Conduct Background Checks

Employers should apply background check policies consistently to all full time and non-full time employees to avoid charges of discrimination and to comply with all applicable laws. If you need to conduct background checks on prospective employees, DataCheck can conduct a thorough screening of all relevant databases to uncover any relevant information in an applicant’s past. We can ensure that the background check is conducted in a way that is consistent with all applicable state and federal laws. Contact us today to get the process started.