Background Checks & Daycare Workers


Parents who send their children to daycare have to know and trust that the people who work at those daycare centers have been thoroughly checked out and are qualified to work with kids. Parents have to be able to put their trust in these people.

This is why a recent report out of Connecticut about background checks and daycare workers is so troubling.

A local TV station reports major flaws were found in how Connecticut looks into the people working at daycare centers. The report comes on the heels of a state audit. According to the audit, the state’s Department of Public Health has not been responsible in looking into how background checks are conducted. The report also says the audit outlined how some people working at daycare centers could be convicted criminals and still be employed. The audit concludes that the Department of Public Health can’t show that new employees were given background checks. The audit also claims that if there are issues, such as an indication that a daycare worker was arrested, the Department of Public Health does not follow through to see if there was a conviction.

It seems the state’s Department of Public Health is not disputing those findings. State officials tell the local TV station that the department is bringing on extra staff to deal with the situation and that more than half of the problems detailed in the audit have been or are being corrected.

Those are comforting answers to a troubling report. This news underscores the importance of background checks. Sometimes it is more than just knowing someone didn’t lie on a resume. It’s also about peace of mind and knowing that the right people are being hired for jobs that require a tremendous amount of trust. Ask any parent who sent a child off to school or daycare about the importance of that trust.