Are Summer Camps Required to Conduct Background Checks?

The school year will be over soon, and many parents rely on summer camps for child care while their kids are out of school. Safety is always a primary concern for parents when deciding who should care for their children. Many parents assume that everyone who works with kids is required to undergo a background check, but that is not always true. It depends on the type of camp, its license, and state laws.

A camp or day care center run by a city or county agency or by a school that receives state funding usually is required to have a license issued by the state or local government. Its employees and volunteers generally are required to pass background checks. A child care center usually needs to have a license issued by the state. Employees and volunteers generally must undergo background checks.

Private summer or day camps, such as those run by churches or privately owned businesses that only operate during the summer, are not always required to have a license or to conduct background checks. This depends on laws in the state where the camp operates.

Summer camps must obtain permission from applicants before conducting background checks. Screening for people who work with children tends to be thorough. It usually includes verification of an applicant’s name, address, Social Security number, education, and past employment; a check of criminal records for convictions; a review of the applicant’s driving record; and a credit check.

Owners of summer camps should conduct background checks on job applicants, even if the laws in their area do not require them to do so. If an employee or volunteer commits a crime or harms a child, the summer camp could be held legally responsible if it failed to conduct a background check that would have raised red flags. Data Check is a leader at conducting background checks for job applicants in all industries across the United States. Contact us today to learn more about how our services can help you make sure you hire only the best employees.