What is Included in a Pre-Employment Credit Report?

It is standard for employers to conduct an interview, background report, and drug test as part of the hiring process. Now, credit checks are also being used by some employers to get more detailed information on their potential hire. A pre-employment credit check can alert employers to signs of financial problems like theft or fraud…

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A Closer Look at “Ban the Box” Rules

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Many businesses haven’t changed their hiring procedures much in recent years. “If it works, why mess with it?” is an oft-heard refrain. While there is a convenience in doing the old-fashioned way, new rules have come into play that may limit how companies can conduct background checks on prospective employees. What is “Ban the Box?”…

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70% of Employers Are Using Social Media to Screen Candidates

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Employers today have a wide variety of screening tools at their disposal. It helps that potential employees, like most Americans, regularly publish information about themselves. More and more companies are using this information – most of it accessible by social media – to pre-check candidates before they put out a job offer. According to a…

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Sharing Economy Boosting Need for Employee Background Checks

While certain jobs have always required background checks for security of employees as well as protection from lawsuits on the part of employers, a new generation of needs are cropping up thanks to the “sharing economy.” The Internet has enabled a variety of new business models, and one of them involves enabling consumers and service…

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Should Your Business Conduct Background Checks on Current Employees?

Most employers consider conducting background checks an essential part of the hiring process. A background check on a current employee can provide valuable information that can help an employer make important decisions that will affect the whole company, such as whether to retain, promote, or terminate staff. Reasons to Conduct Background Checks on Current Employees…

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Background Check Tips for Small Business Owners

If you run a small business, you know that each employee is critical to the company’s success. This is why it is essential to hire the best people possible for each position. One of the ways that you can hire qualified applicants and prevent potential problems is by conducting background checks on prospective employees. Here…

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